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    @mdamia Thank you so much, Mark! I will be looking into both -we are residents of the village of Warwick, even if a bit afar, (by Mount Peter).
    By the way, I am not sure that I´m responding on the right thread, since I couldn’t find it on the board. But I trust this will get to you regardless. Best regards, Yolanda

    • Hi Yolanda. Actually if you are near Mount Peter then you are a resident of the Town of Warwick not the Village. Are you in Bellvale? We used to live in Bellvale down the street from the market on Rt 17A before we moved out to Amity which is a hamlet out near Pine Island. (Also, both hamlets in the Town of Warwick).

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    @mdamia Hey Mark – I got an email notification of a reply from you. It was simply “Yes”. There was a link to view the conversation:


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    • Hey Tom,

      I understand why. It was from our testing and it is a dead link. I responded to it by mistake. Sorry about that. As to why it didn’t open in your default browser, I can’t say, but we will do some testing and see if we can recretae the issue.