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    Dot Doc posted an update in the group Group logo of CommonPlace QuestionsCommonPlace Questions 2 years ago

    Has wvcp been hacked? I have received grammatically incorrect messages written in your template from a non-member.

    • manus replied 2 years ago

      I just came to report same thing, I got 2

    • Thank you both for the alert. We were made aware of this phishing message from a misbehaving member. That member has been removed from CommonPlace. We have spam monitors in place to minimize this kind of nuisance but no restrictions on sign up so occasionally this kind of behavior may still result. We do appreciate the self-policing by the…[Read more]

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    Dot Doc posted an update in the group Group logo of Ask the Supervisor and MayorsAsk the Supervisor and Mayors 3 years ago

    To Michael Sweeton: A friend gave me a copy of the Our Town publication which she picked up at Warwick Town Hall. Luckily, I looked through it before my children. It contains absurd political propaganda and sexist jokes that are demeaning and offensive. It has no place in my Town Hall. As a community, we can do better and as Town Supervisor,…[Read more]

    • manus replied 3 years ago

      You can’t shield your “children” from everything. If they saw it, you could have made it a teaching moment

      Is the political stuff “propaganda” because it is opposite of your political beliefs?

    • we do our best to ensure that no political material is placed on the community table here at Town Hall. We have asked the publisher of this newsletter to not leave it on the table but apparently that request was ignored. We apologize for this incident.